Decorating DIY Books and DVD
Learn How to Tie Dye complete 3-volume set  DVD


Advanced Tie Dye Techniques: Making Shapes and Mandalas VHS
the process of making spectacular tie dye hearts, arrows, peace signs, aliens, creation
of an amazing range of tie dye mandalas, lotus blossoms, suns, and more.

Put your imagination on fabric  - learn to tie dye today!

Tie Dye! The How-To Book
Learn the secrets of tie dying and create your own beautiful fabrics. Tie dying is an ancient
art form developed in the Far East over a thousand years ago. This user-friendly book will
show you how to create seven unique and beautiful designs. Clear, simple instructions,
including photos of each stage of the tying and dying, to guide you through the process.
Full color photos show the stunning results possible. Excellent how-to book for beginners.

Batik and Tie Dye Techniques
Step by step techniques required in creating imaginative and beautiful batiks and tie dyed textiles. Exploring history and tradition of both methods, it covers every phase of their creation, from selecting proper equipment and supplies and setting up a studio on through to planning and completing the finished works of art.

Fabric Dyeing for Beginners
If you've ever wanted to dye your own fabric but were afraid of the mess or complicated
steps involved, read this book and try out the recipes. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how
easy, fun, and relatively mess-free it can be.For the many people who love hand-dyed fabrics
but think they are too difficult to make, this book presents an easy to do technique that is
convenient and gentle on the pocketbook. Worked in small jars or a plastic bin, luminous
fabrics with exciting patterns can be made in a total of two to three hours. Using widely
available dye products, this book provides dye recipes for mixing batches of 12 different
colors or, for more variety, 24 colors. Shows how to make intriguing color mixtures, single
color gradations and multiple color gradations. With a cookbook approach and step by step
photos, the author demonstrates tie dyeing, Shibori-like dyeing, fold dyeing, and overdyeing,
each method illustrated with examples of wonderful fabric swatches and quilt blocks. Also
describes how to make simple stencils for sponging or spraying to add pizzazz to any fabric.

The Basic Guide to Dyeing & Painting Fabric
Hand-dyed and  painted fabrics are extremely popular. Book contains 10 projects, suitable
for any skill level, for dyeing and painting quilts, wearables, purses, pillows, and more! Each
project includes step-by-step instructions to guide the reader. An introductory section covers
the basics, such as supplies, how to prepare the fabric, paints and dyes, and painting
techniques and styles. Also features a gallery of gorgeous quilts made from painted and dyed fabrics to inspire.

Creative Surface Design: Painting, Stamping, Stenciling, Embossing, Fabric
wonderful and creative ways to decorate custom garments and home accessories: stenciling, stamping, painting and embossing.

Handpainting Fabric: Easy, Elegant Techniques
Hand painting Fabric shows readers how to use  dyes, and art supplies to create stylish wearables and eye-catching accents for the home. Step-by-step lessons in painting, dyeing, printing, using wax and  creating special effects on a variety of fabrics, including silks, velvets, and sheers, all with stunning results. Inspirational examples of fun and elegant clothing (scarves, wraps, vests, skirts) and dazzling decorative accents (pillows, throws, curtains) provide ideas for using embellished fabrics creatively. Information on adding stylish details such as linings, tassels, fringes.

Transforming Fabric: Creative Ways to Paint, Dye and Pattern Cloth
secrets of dyeing, painting, and patterning beautiful cloth. Full of hints and secrets for using
luminous color to transform white cloth into artistic masterpieces. Connoisseurs of the
decorative arts and those who are merely curious about the fabrics they wear and use in
everyday life will find much to interest them.
Entertaining stories awaken memories of
childhood coloring books, leaf prints, iron-on designs, and the tie-dyed T-shirts most of us
experienced at some point in our lives - be inspired as they follow step-by-step photographs
and instructions.

The Hippie Handbook
Brothers and sisters! Here at last is a light-hearted, free-spirited, groovy guide to the
timeless hippie skills and activities that make the world a better place, one macrame belt
at a time.

The Hippie Dictionary: Cultural Encyclopedia of the 1960s and 1970s
American counterculture of the 1960s and 70s
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Express your unique style with a blast from the past and create a  groovy crash pad where everyone will want to  hang out.
Bring a look of  retro drama of the psychedelic '60s groovy tie-dye,  back into your bedroom, home, dorm or office.

Hippie Bedrooms for Teens 
Hippie Bedrooms for Teens 
Hippie Bedrooms for Teens 
Tie Dye
Tie Dye
Tie Dye
Groovy Retro funkadelic  decorating for the Hippie Chick
Groovy Retro funkadelic  decorating for the Hippie Chick
hippie style decorating ideas - Tie Dye hippie Bedroom decorating Ideas  funky cool bedrooms for teens - tie dye - flames retro - Funky cool tie-dye teenage bedrooms Retro style
hippie style decorating ideas - Tie Dye hippie Bedroom decorating Ideas  funky cool bedrooms for teens - tie dye - flames retro - Funky cool tie-dye teenage bedrooms Retro style

Decorate your pad with peace signs,
funky flowers, paisley florals, macrame, crochet cushion covers, 

tye dyed bedding, beaded curtains 
and light it up with paper lanterns  and lava lamps
hippie style decorating ideas - Tie Dye hippie Bedroom decorating Ideas  funky cool bedrooms for teens - tie dye - flames retro - Funky cool tie-dye teenage bedrooms Retro style
hippie style decorating ideas - Tie Dye hippie Bedroom decorating Ideas  funky cool bedrooms for teens - tie dye - flames retro - Funky cool tie-dye teenage bedrooms Retro style
Splatter Paint Walls
Cool it. Any peace loving tween will love our tie-dye comforter set. Add the matching accessories for a put-together look. At home or in the dorm, this tie-dye comforter set will make their room “far out.”
Unique, fun, and innovative, these lamps and lights are perfect for anyone with a sense of humor. Choose between the silly Alter Egos, the sophisticated Shaker Lamps or Martini Lamps, or even the bold and ground-breaking Electra Series Lamps, just to name a few! Available in bold colors and fanciful designs

Do a practice board to see how your flicks and splatters look.

Sponge on different shades of color
For the dots, use the eraser part of a pencil...dip in paint and dab away.
Splatter effect:
Use different sized brushes to get different sized splatters.

Dip brush in the paint, and (at close range) throw paint off the brush, leaving spots and slight runs.

Also flick paint and paint squiggles and lines onto the wall.

Splatter Paint Walls - decorating teens rooms - Tie Dye Bedroom decorating Ideas ...Funky Cool Bedrooms for Teens - Whether you’re groovin’ in the 60s or getting funky in the 70s, we can help you flashback to your favorite era with lava lamps, disco lights, and retro decorations like retro-themed bedroom decorating
Splatter Paint Walls
Splatter Paint Walls
Splatter Paint Walls
Paint Blob Cluster mural murals your way-fun wall decaorating ideas
Splashes out of Puddle Clock Mirror and Six Splashes
Splash Puddle Mirror-fun wall decorations splat splash
Splashes Out of Puddle Mirror-splat wall decorations
Tie Dye Tapestries - beautiful colors in this butterflies and magic mushrooms tapestry glow under any blacklight
Give Peace a Chance  Tie Dye Tapestry


Captivating electrifying and thrilling! This unique Lightning plasma lamp has colorful lightning bolts which create unusual visual effects.
Yellow and Purple Lava Grande Motion Lamp
Pink Glitter Lamp
Tie Dye Sheet Set-Tie Dye BEDDING-Tie Dye hippie bedroom decorating
Stained Glass Spiral Tie Dye Bedding-Stained Glass Spiral Tie Dye Bedding
Fun Paint Splats 23-Pack Wall & Window Decals
- copyright since 2001 Maries Manor Kids Theme Bedrooms.  - All Rights Reserved -
tie dye purple bedding-beaded curtains funky hippie chick theme bedroom
Bright, bubbly and colorful, the Tie Dye bedding collection by Victor Mill Bedding is guaranteed to liven up any bedroom decor. The Victor Mill Tie Dye bedding collection features a rainbow tie-dye motif in orange, green, purple, yellow, red and blue, accented with solid white. The Victor Mill Tie Dye bedding collection has everything you need to bring this beautiful look to your bedroom decor,
Dots and Circles decorating
Add some retro flair to your room with this Tie Dye complete bedroom ensemble! The ultra soft comforter and sham feature a tie dye pattern in an array of purple and pink hues in a horizontal stripe layout; comforter and sham reverse to a solid purple. A coordinating sheet set showcases a latticework design
Best Friends mural  at murals your way
Tiedye Palms mural  at murals your way
Tie Dye - Psychedelic  - Peace
Prints and Posters
Just one of over 1,700 prints from Pixies to Dragons in our Fantasy gallery
Tie Dye Floral III  Art prints and posters
•Customize the length by cutting with scissors
HIPPIE  Sign 60's peace rainbow tiedye parking signs
amazing accent to any room's decor. Sit back, relax and enjoy the soothing ambient light this lamp creates. It has been described as gentle raining light with the colors of the aurora. Hundreds of twinkling fiber optic strands separate in a ball of stranded light. Use our 13" fiber optic centerpiece with a cone shaped base as a decoration for your table or as a party favor. Watch the ever changing light display through its many fiber optic strands or choose from the 7 settings and choose the color you need. From Disco to Hollywood, Mardi Gras to Graduation, Birthdays to Anniversaries, Christmas to New Years, this lighted centerpiece will be a great accent to tables
Tie Dye Bean Bag Chairs-Tie Die Bean Bag Chairs
Rainbow Tie Dye Comforter Sets-Rainbow Tie Dye  bedding
Rainbow Tie Dye Comforter Sets at target
Psychedelic murals  at murals your way
paint splatter bedding-fun lighting-fun chandeliers
Paint Blob Cluster mural
at murals your way
Paint Splats wall decal stickers
Psychedelic Love and Peace Graffiti

Joplin Tribute

Jimi Tribute

at magic murals
Psychedelic Love and Peace Graffiti mural-tie dye bedding
Tie dye pattern Recliner Slipcover
Psychedelic Octet / Digital Mural
at murals your way
Splatter Print Duvet Covers - variety search at cafepress
Tie dye pattern Loveseat Slipcover
Shag Collection  Rug
Tie Dye Rainbow Bean Bag Bear
Peace Sign posters hippie posters Tie Dye hippie posters
Peace Sign posters  -  hippie posters   -  Tie Dye  posters  -  music posters
Green Peace Tie Dye wall clock
Tie Dye Letter Pillows
Wall Clock - Splat Clox Green
Spiral Tie Dye Tapestry Wall Hanging Blanket