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Girl in the Curl: A Century of Women's Surfing
The first illustrated history of women surfers, Girl in the Curl captures an important and overlooked part of the sport's past in gorgeous color photos. From rising Australian star Layne Beachley to two-time world champion Lisa Anderson, many of today's hottest surfers are women. But female surfers have been integral to the sport from the beginning.

Sun, Sand & Surf:The Ultimate Guide To Orange County Beaches
Great reference book to find surf locations. These girls must have done some serious surfing or knew some serious surfers. Kowabunga chicks!
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Surf Like a Girl: Surfer Girl's Ultimate Guide to Paddling Out, Catching a Wave, and Surfing with Aloha
Whether you live near the ocean or can only dream about being out in the water, you can achieve those sun kissed locks and cheeks, that stellar physique, and the no-holds-barred spirit of the quintessential surfer girl. Get in the swim with this
one-of-a-kind guide to all things surfer, which will answer your questions.

BEACH DECOR, SURF DECOR Surfer Girl  Beach Boys surf themed rooms
surfboard bedroom for girls, surfer themed bedroom - surfing wallpaper Mural
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decorating kids rooms with a beach theme - Beach-style cottage - style decorating Hawaii Beach Style themed bedroom
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surfer themed bedroom - decorating kids rooms with a beach theme
decorating ideas for the
decorating ideas for the
Surfer Girl
Surfer Girl
Surfer Girl
create a tropical haven
and bring the beach sand and
surf into your island dream bedroom!!
create a tropical haven
and bring the beach sand and
surf into your island dream bedroom!!

Decorating ideas to create your surf inspired bedroom
Clouds  - palm trees  - seashells - fish  - dolphins - sharks  - surfboards - water sports - sandcastle - crabs - seagulls - starfish -  boats   - skis -  wicker furniture - hula girls -
hibiscus flowers -
sunset  - waves  - mermaids  - tropical - hawaiian  tiki hut - beach cabana - flip flop accents - sunglasses - beach umbrella -  bed canopy  - surfboard headboard -
prints and posters  - murals  -
Get creative with your fun beach theme bedroom
Get creative with your fun beach theme bedroom
BEACH Surfing Safari   -    Girls Tropical Beach Hut   -  Hawaiian beach surfing theme
BEACH Surfing Safari   -    Girls Tropical Beach Hut   -  Hawaiian beach surfing theme
Lots more tropical beach theme Bedroom decorating ideas
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Fun surfboard decorating props
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Transform your room and welcome the summer days when you replace your boring, traditional hooks with these Flip Flop Wall Hooks. Each hook is shaped like a flip-flop to hang your towels or even your jackets.  Flip Flop Hooks. Fun for keeping pool or beach accessories handy, these decorative resin flip flops have sturdy metal hooks. Hang beach towels, totes and toys on our flip flop hooks so you're always ready for a quick trip to the beach.
flip flop rugs
girls tropical room ideas
ultimate surf shack - If you want to have a true grass beach shack, add a grass bedskirt to go with your tropical comforter. Please note - Raffia is a natural material, and will have different shades of color to it, this adds to the unique nature of this natural material.
We use all natural raffia that is imported from the Philippines, so keep in mind that natural raffia is a natural material, meaning that the strand thickness, and color will vary from skirt to skirt. If you order more than one raffia bedskirt from us we will do our best to match the shades up for you. Real raffia has the tendency to shed a little
Raffia Window Valance - Natural Raffia Bed Skirt
Dean Miller Beach Bedding
Surfboard Shaped Decorative Throw Pillow - Hand crafted authentic looking Surfboard shaped pillow. This surfboard pillow is almost good enough to hit the water! Surfboard Pillow has a red hibiscus tropical fabric on the nose and tail, a smooth white interior, with navy blue piping all around the edges. Surfboard pillows are made to coordinate with any of our Hawaiian bedding designs or to simply bring some new life into any beach home.
As if taken straight off the beach, this Sand Castle Table Lamp is a great decorative piece for your child's room. Complete with a sand castle, shovels, buckets and seashells you'll feel like you're at the sunny beach all year round. Your child will love having this lamp to brighten his/her nights.
Sand Castle Table Lamp
at ababy

This is a toy ukulele and designed for decorative purposes
variety of surfing theme wall murals at murals your way
ntroduce a stylish makeover to your bedroom or dorm room with this beach theme bedding featuring breathtaking scenery of the mighty California surf. Decorate with style or treat a friend to a housewarming gift or a bridal shower.

Flip Flop Light Sets - Fun Beach Theme Bedroom Decor Ideas. surfing beach bedroom decorating ideas - tropical beach murals - surfing safari beach bedrooms - tropical tiki hut style decorating ideas beach room decor - teenager bedrooms beach theme surfer bedding - surfboard bedroom for girls tropical wall mural - Surfer themed bedroom accessories
multi-colored floral quilt set would be perfect for a young girls room. Aloha Quilt Set-beach bedding-surf shack wall mural
surfing wall murals at murals your way
use as a headboard, turn surfoard on its side, or group a few of them together upright
Surfs Up! Our Surfboard Standees and Surf's Up Pilings are a great addition to any luau, surf or beach party. Our free-standing surfboard standees come in three great sizes - four, five and six feet. The two-dimensional surfboard standees are made from sturdy cardboard and require some easy assembly. Complete your beach party look with the cardboard surf's up pilings. The pilings include one 4 foot piling and two 2 foot pilings and require some easy assembly.
Surfer Girl: A Guide to the Surfing Life
sections on surfing culture, history, and just about everything else related to the sport. The authors introduce the lingo and explain surfboard dos and don'ts, ways to keep surfwear from getting damaged, and more. The emphasis is on having fun and staying safe, and "insider" secrets draw readers in. The pages are filled with color photos; black-and-white graphics illustrate moves. This title is mainly an introduction to the sport but experienced teens may enjoy the advice and the articles on surfing movies and music. Not only young girls will enjoy reading it--adults will too.

Surf Diva: A Girl's Guide to Getting Good Waves
Smart, witty and fun. Offering advice from professional surfers, testimonials from surf students and instructors, and tips on how to stay safe while also having fun, Surf Diva is perfect for budding female surfers or any woman who has ever dreamed of catching a killer wave. Whether it's finding a welcoming beach or selecting the perfect surfboard, recovering from a wipeout or simply basking in the spirituality of the ocean, this book shows and tells you how to be a surfer with incomparable style and a healthy dose of beach attitude.

Tropical Interiors
Wonderful book on contemporary tropical design. Displays wonderful furniture and design of natural materials and how these materials can be formed into beautiful and practical pieces of furniture. It's functional art! Also other books - Island Style:Tropical Houses, Island Life: Inspirational Interiors, Balinese - tropical architecture and design, - Create a rich and varied interior style by incorporating touches of the exotic from around the world, interesting ideas on how to decorate with exotic furniture, textiles, wallpapers, lighting.

Beach Scene Wall Mural -Blue Wave Comforter Set
Comic book inspired waves, bold millifleur and edgy skaters adorn these pieces. Ultra-hip elements are captured to make 'lil mo hipster the ultimate 'tween collection
Decorate your master suite, guest bedroom, beach house, kid or teen room with the Flip Flops On The Beach Quilt Set. Flip Flops On The Beach offers the tropical beach design style to bring the surf and tropics to your bedroom décor. The Flip Flops On The Beach quilt reverses to a green island floral print. The Flip Flops On The Beach quilt offers the bright tonal shades of pink, green, yellow and white.
beach wall murals
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Enjoy lively,tropical-themed bedding with Beach Life. The quilt and matching accessories feature sailboats, shells, umbrellas, palm trees and flip-flops. Beach Life has tonal shades of blue, green and yellow with plaids and paisleys. The bed skirt and euro shams are the blue dot on green fabric. The Beach Life quilt has a fun tropical and beach themes.
Hawaii's Official State Flower
beach wall murals at murals your way
Ocean Blue 8 Piece Set is a relaxing drift on tides that carry you off to sleep. With bits of gray amid the varying blue tones, there's a touch of turbulence, but just enough to make things interesting. The look is completely modern, with abstract blue waves that are purposefully offset from panel to panel, and would complement any casual furniture.
Beach Scenic Window mural decals
A teen girls beach inspired bedding collection in colors of yellow, tangerine orange, pink and turquoise blue, the Electric Beach bedding from Teen Vogue is a riot of colors. Reminiscent of a sunset on the beach
hibiscus wall decals - variety - Surfer Chick Wall Decal
Holiday Beach Duvet Cover Set
at bedding inn
surfer girl wall decal Girl Sport Woman Surf Surfing Sea Ocean Beach
Seashells Seashells By The Seashore Flawless seashells paired with elegant pearl bubbles create a special design appeal and a unique way to personalize a room You will give your little girls room that pristine yet walk along the seashore look that will make an impression
t beach bedding
variety of surfing theme wall murals at murals your way
Beach Word Sign - Tropical Beach Decor
Legacy Home Harbor Island Bedding Sandpiper Beach mural - ocean inspired bedding collection in a rich color palette, the Legacy Home Harbor Island bedding
Sandpiper Beach mural at magic murals
Flip Flops and Star Shells - 15x15 Wall Clock
refreshing nautical theme bedding ensemble in cool ocean tones, the Ocean Wave bedding collection by C&F Bedding features gentle blues, sea greens, and muted greys in a beautiful matelasse quilt stripe pattern. The Ocean Waves bedding collection's quilts, beach theme bedding
variety of surfing theme wall murals at murals your way
Fiji Bedding Board Meeting Mural beach bedroom decorating ideas - Perfect for creating a tropical ambience in the bedroom no matter where you live, the Vue Fiji bedding ensemble is the perfect fit for you. You will find colors of green, orange, pink, and yellow that create a tropical floral pattern that has been placed on a black and white geometric overlay creating an interesting look. The reverse of the comforter and pillow shams gives off a paint splatter effect in a bright neon green
Surf Board With Custom Name Fabric Wall Decal - Girls
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surfer girl bedding surf theme bedding beach theme bedding beach girls bedding
Ocean Wave Throw Pillow
variety of
surfing throw pillows
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