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Decorate with simplistic style or go
wild with color

teen girls funky cool diva decor -  teens bedrooms and tweens decorating ideas for girls rooms! - teen girls bedroom themes
funky decor ideas for the
cool pad or dorm room

Create your vibe with
fancy bedding - unique
and fun lighting  -  pile up
pillows  in your zen zone -
add glitz and sparkle to jazz
up your old bedroom furniture -
string lights and beaded curtains
for windows and doors.

Jazz up boring room accents and decorate the computer, mirror, picture frames, lampshade, ceiling light, walls, with fun craft bits and pieces. Velvet, lace, feather, fur, fringe or sequin trimmings, all in different styles and textures, can be used to transform your bedroom furnishings
what is your decorating theme
Every girl needs a place to hang

What about a  hip and happening bedroom theme
Unicorn LED Lamp Decorative Marquee Signs - Lamps for teens - fun fantasy bedroom decor
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Mirrored Jewelry Armoire - storage solution for jewelry, cosmetics, hair and fashion accessories,  long necklaces, chunky bracelets, and other bulky items like headbands, belts, and scarves  - Jewelry Armoire
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Macrame Hammock Swing Chair -  Hanging Rope Netted chair - Boho Style Rattan Chair Hanging Macrame Hammock
Bean Bag Chair  fuzzy furry decor furry lamps furry rugs furry beanbags - teen room decor - Furry Glam   Faux Fur  Bean Bag
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Decorating teenage girls rooms.- Rose Gold Wallpaper
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Crystal Tufted Modern Floor Mirror, Black
Faux Leather Upholstered Headboard - Lips Pillow Sham - Love Piano Pillow Sham - Black Gold Lips Throw Pillow
Fuzzy furry decor - furry pillows - Hearts of Love Black & White Pillow - decorating teenage girl bedroom ideas
Faux fur rug
Lips Red Black Comforters  - red lips bedding - black red bedding
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Photo Display
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Decorating Teens Rooms

Teens pack most of their living into a single room, so think of a teenagers bedroom
as the precursor to the college

It's a sleeping space, a study and work niche, a place to hang out with friends, and a private domain where she can talk about boys, listen to
music, hang  posters  on the wall, display door murals  and just be alone with her thoughts and dreams.

If the room is comfortable, your teen will spend a lot more time there, rather than in someone elses's home.

You will need to design creatively to achieve a bedroom that serves all those functions, yet is comfortable and inviting.

The styles, colors, patterns and accessories she chooses will now reflect her point of view and personal tastes, so make it a joint decorating project and enjoy the time together to learn more about your growing teen.

A well designed study area will hopefully help keep your teen organised and more likely to consult reference books if bookshelves are within easy reach. Handy shelves and drawers will also encourage your kids to keep the desk clear.
Other items to enhance a study area are photos of family, friends, trophies and framed school papers they are proud of.

And when you are ready to decorate the dorm room, a little touch of glamour goes a long way, so live it up with funky bedding decorated with appliques and beads. But don't stop there. Take it up a notch with shaggy pillows, disco drapes and soft rugs. Then add storage furniture and other accessories for a lavish living space that's impossible to resist.

  - Happy Decorating -

bedroom ideas and home decor
bedroom ideas and home decor
bedroom ideas and home decor
bedroom ideas and home decor